Child in a New Playground…

Yesterday at BigCi – Bilpin was one of the best days I have had up here. I didn’t seem to make any concrete decision about what I was going to do but just did things as I felt like it. What a treat!! No other commitments than to explore my own creativity, Magic!!

The creative potential of my bush surroundings suddenly seemed to come alive. I felt like a child in a new playground. It hasn’t always been like that over the last few weeks, yet yesterday on reflection it just seemed to organically happen.

It was a day of a bit of this and a bit of that, going from one activity to the next. Moving onto the next thing when I had had enough. As a result, I don’t have completed works from the day but rather work bubbling up all around me. Different works I can go to depending on how I am thinking about them. I believe this is my optimum way to work. I am more comfortable working on multiple drawings at once and now I am conscious that this also applies to three dimensional work.

13606906_639029966246271_4008750820990511414_n.jpg IMG_1465.JPG

The beginning of an installation I started yesterday. This work happened when I was out looking for natural materials for the drawing tools I am making.


A box where I am storing some material. I love old boxes and think a large-scale box installation is also not far away.


Photo taken yesterday walking on the property. I think this was a Turpentine tree cut down along time ago going by the axe marks.

jodygraham_drawingtools2016.jpg 13533064_639029446246323_6439265136710188723_n.jpg

Some of my works in progress from the BigCi Artist Residency.

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