Another Rat in my bed!

I love chilling out eating in bed and I am wishing I didn’t while I am here at Bilpin!

We were told there is a mouse and you will see him during your stay. Cute little thing evidently, no problem! Suggested we don’t leave food out. Early in my stay I spilt a container of nuts and dried fruit in my bed. Cleaned it up best I could but pretty sure a few bits landed on the floor. Two nights ago, I am confident I hear chomping noises under the bed. I thought my imagination was a bit overactive after bringing home the rat from the tip that very day. Wasn’t sure, anyway had a laugh about it with a friend and forgot about it.

Last night I got stuck into some chocolate and left a few empty and semi empty packets on the bedside table. Woke up around 1pm this morning to the crunching sound of wrappers and freaked out at the shadowing silhouette of a rodent like creature on the bedside table!!

Didn’t look like a mouse!!! Was as big as the rat caracas I found at the tip. Then I started wondering about rats, thinking that one of my childhood friends was bitten once and had to be taken to the doctor. Their teeth are massive and I was frozen with fear stressing about that. Eventually I fell back asleep all cocooned in the blankets, beanie on and only nose poking out to breathe.

Just woke up again a short time ago to little sounds on the floor. Stayed perfectly still in bed listening…then all of a sudden I felt weight run across my blankets….Shit!!!

IMG_0262 2.jpg  IMG_0266.jpg

Rat salvaged from the tip.

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