Tip Rat!!



Not meant to collect stuff from this pile, pity. See my dilemma!!

Yesterday I got the chance to dig around at the tip. Stinks more than I remember, when I drove up to the dump site I noticed steaming old mattress, still wondering why they were steaming? It was cold and most rubbish had a thin covering of soft ice. Yet the mattresses appeared different, all gathered in a heap, steaming?? Would mind Knowing why, haven’t figured it out, it looked apocalyptic!! I love that visual, think it stems from exposure to sci-fi as a kid, not sure but I am a sucker for all those end of the world books and movies. I can see how this interest is developing through my work, with collecting bits and pieces. Prepping for the end of the world! What would it be like if we didn’t have access to all the mod cons, junk and accessories and had to make do with what we found?

After my big rampage at the tip, which honestly was not half as big as I wanted it to be. There are limits today to what you can take, OHS regulations seem to apply to everything. I remember a time when you could figure out for yourself what you should pick up or not, if you need gloves and so on. Well not these days it seems, actually just writing that makes me realise one day I will not be able to raid the wood pile at the tip because that could be an extremely dangerous place too. Bugger!! I hate all these rules.

I am working on my ‘Special Project’ as I have mentioned it here on this blog. This project has influences I can directly track back to a trip I did to South Africa in 2012. On this trip I went into Langa and Khayelitsha townships on the outskirts of Cape Town and was inspired by the ingenuity, resourcefullness and character I saw and felt. I have been producing work from this experience ever since.


This is one of my photos from 2012 and the type go imagery that inspires me.
Clothesline – Langa, Cape Town, South Africa 2012

Oh and by the way…heres the rat! One of my Facebook friend suggested I get him, and honestly its not a bad suggestion…he is mummified pretty well.





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