You’re Boring…

Back in Sydney for a day of teaching and have coffee with one of my closest friends this morning, he tells me my blogs are boring. He is an experienced blogger and asked me why I don’t write what I really do. I am putting that down here now, so I can blame him if I get into trouble. Those close to me know I go places I should not, but in the name of art anything goes!! Well that what my 21 year old son tells me when he hears about some of the things I do. So I will try and be a little bit more revealing. I am sure if I am not entertaining enough, my dear friend will let me know. Not that I want to be completely entertaining but rather offer a back story to my work.

What I didn’t write yesterday was, I woke up super early so I could hide under the cover of semi darkness and snoop around. I love going into abandon houses and buildings and checking things out. I don’t know why I like doing this, but I do. Often my heart is pounding very fast, I have fallen over running out of places, been yelled at and chased, but still I do it!!



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