Working Plan…

Working plan…these are an example of some notes I use. I rarely completely stick to plans but they help give me some focus.


Go check out buildings in the area…


Noticed this building on Bells Line of Road , Kurrajong years ago. Today I stopped and checked it out. What a gem!!
  • Work out in the landscape similar to bushfire body of work from 2013 Blue Mountains October Fires. For example – plein air on the ground directly from nature…find a spot and get going! Use sap in the mix this time too, maybe instead of sennelier burnt sienna ink? Go through drawings of 2013 work and re use? Re draw? What’s right/ wrong with them etc.

Other things to be thinking about…

  • Artist book – or at least work on heavy canvas/ hessian, inspired by the natural landscape.
  • Do studies of different vistas of natural landscape i.e. play around with horizon lines, position of trees, drawings of tree tops only, sky only…

IMG_2223 2.jpg    IMG_2222.jpg   IMG_2220.jpg

Kurrajong NSW Studies 1,2 and 3  Sap and charcoal 29.7 x 21cm 26/6/16
  • Want some studies of trees as well, straight lines only with the Angophoras! So I can avoid the obvious voluptuous and or sexual overtones that could possible dominate. Look at the angles of how branches connect, try different vantage points – looking up, climb a tree and draw from above? Yeah right!!! :-/


  • Important – Collections that compare found urban elements directly with natural elements – the poetic relationship I can create between them.
  • Continue collecting for special project, natural arrangements and drawing/ painting tools.


Collecting has started – one of my favourite pastimes!!

* Stockpile some soil as well so I can check out the different soil colours. (Square arrangements)

* Also remember to collect range of small branches, dried grasses and and softer matter.

Drawing Tools

  • Make a few very special tools. For example, different to all the rest, red binding? Aged, repaired, mended from frequent and appreciated use, a favourite – character of the old! 
  • Do some drawings of drawing tools, especially the one mentioned above.
  • Think about including in drawings, outlines seen on tool shed walls marking missing tools. What’s not there, mystery…


History of making tools in clans/tribes, special tools, decorating tools, tool-sheds walls, nest, shelter, preppers, opportunists, display cabinets etc.

Some artists to look at…

Jim Dine, Peter Buggenhout, Matt Woodward, Kimberly Kersey Asbury, Janet Laurence


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