Head swimming with ideas…

I woke up this morning with my head shooting off in all directions. Seemed to match the wind here at Bilpin this morning. Have spent a bit of time thinking about drawing that too, the wind!! Mostly I have the urge to draw now, but draw what…The Trees, Angophora Trees appear to have the most expressive nature, some deep yearning quality about them that is hard to ignore.


I am also interested in drawing the drawing tools I am making as well as drawing from some of the floor collections I have made. I think some of these arrangements could be beautiful to draw.


Aside from these ideas I do have another one that has been on my mind since January this year and I keep procrastinating on developing it. I think now might be the start for that too. Will keep you posted!! 

Lastly went for a run yesterday and when I did as soon as I hit the main road rubbish appeared!! It was hard not to stop and pick up stuff, had to go back in the car later. Seeing discarded belongings set off the urban interest and the contrast between nature and urban detritus.

This doll below stopped me in my tracks when I was out running!







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