Scares and injuries…

At this early stage in the residency I am still looking for that thing, moment or experience that with drive my work. Knowing that the search may also become the body of work.

A lot happens in the making of art and I often toss around the idea – what is art? Is it the painting/ drawing/ sculpture/ installation, multi media etc. produced by the creative process or is the ‘Art’ already happening in the creative process?

This blog site will not cover all of my creative process but will offer a glimpse behind the final works produced.

A couple of things that have interested me so far, are the scribbles on the Scribbly Gum tree and why is the sap (kino) oozing out of the Red Bloodwood trees.

Both had interesting answers, especially the Scribble Gum.

Scribble Gum is an Australian eucalypt, the scribbles are made by a tiny Scribble Gum Moth (1-2mm in length). The scribbles are tunnels made in deeper layers of bark by the larva of the moth. The lines of the scribbles stop as the larvae transforms and the diameter of the tunnels increase as the larvae grows. As the old bark falls away the life cycle of the Scribble Gum Moth is revealed. Its that last part I find most fascinating, now when I look at the scribbles I might try and read them. This fact makes me wonder how would I draw my life’s journey if it had to be in line like a Scribble Gum Moth?

IMG_0045.jpg  IMG_0049.jpg   IMG_0048.jpg

Scribbles on the Eucalyptus haemastoma (scribbly gum)

As for the Red Bloodwood Trees, the sap also known as kino oozes from injuries to the tree.

Makes sense, very human like and also looks like dried blood when I paint with it. Glider possums actively scar this trees trunk and branches to access the sap for food. So far I am mostly interested in the sap and how I can use that as a medium to work with.

IMG_0056.jpg      IMG_0066.jpg

Sap  – Red Bloodwood Tree                                Drawing – Leaf – sap & pencil

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